A Unique Facial Experience

Combining Facial Rejuvenation massage and exquisite certified organic skincare to visibly refine, tone and lift the eye area, face and neck.

Your personalised 75 minute experience is just £38 first time, every time.  My philosophy is making good-for-you skincare purse-friendly and accessible, which is why I also offer my regular clients 20% off the SKN-RG organic and vegan skincare range that I love and incorporate into my treatments.

Organic Facials Menu

The Original: Radiant Lift Facial (£38)

Combining an hour of intensive rejuvenating massage with 15 minutes of certified organic skincare to smooth, lift, firm and tighten the skin, release toxins and impart a genuinely healthy glow.

NEW! Radiant Health Facial (£38)

Combining 45 minutes of facial rejuvenation massage with 30 minutes of certified organic skincare to smooth and refine skin texture, stimulate circulation and release toxins for the ultimate healthy glow. 

Course of 6 Radiant Health and/or Radiant Lift Facials £185

NEW! Facial Rejuvenation 360 (£175)

A course of 3 Radiant Health or Radiant Lift Facials with a simple-to-use homecare kit of high potency antioxidant supplements and a deeply nourishing concentrate to feed and protect the skin inside and out.  Homecare kit comprises 2 full sized products, equivalent to 2 months' supply.

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Best wishes, Fiona Sweeney